Real Empowerment

In order to achieve your objectives, whatever they are, you need to be able and capable. You need to be educated and trained to execute the mandates required to fulfil the criteria determined as being necessary for the achievement of your objectives. Words like empowered are meaningless if they mean that you will be used, unconsciously, by another, to do things in a manner that creates the impression that you are achieving your objectives; all the while being no more than an empty vessel, a simple deadsuit, in the process. That is, are you actually participating or are you nothing more than a bystander in your own life? Continue reading “Real Empowerment”


In order to answer the question of what is revolution and what are the philosophical instruments which inform revolution, I have distinguished between the political mainstreams and contrasted them against liberalism, in a manner which allows for the appreciation of revolution as a thing in and by itself, without the colouring of revolution with occasioned references to particular brands of revolution.

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Vote DA

In 2021 and 2024 South Africans go to the polls to vote for change. To vote for the freedom that they were promised but that they have been denied. Corruption and an appalling work-ethic has ruined South Africa. South Africa is bankrupt. Only a change in government can save the South Africans. Only the Democratic Alliance can save South Africa. Continue reading “Vote DA”