Microgene Enterprises

In pursuance of the objective of connecting foreign-based clients of MicroGene with locally-based South African entrepreneurs for the purpose of creating and delivering new enterprises which will act as economic amplifiers in South Africa, Southern Africa and Africa; the following opportunity is made available by Microgene:

The following ONLY pertains to entrepreneurs whom are taken on as partners by clients of MicroGene for new businesses started in South Africa, subject to each client paying an initial client-partnership application fee of $ 1 000 000 USD to MicroGene (Make Payment Now):

  1. Services:
    1. Business Plan $ 10000 USD (Once-off)
    2. Development Training $ 10000 USD (Per Entrepreneur, Once-off)
    3. Start-up Voucher $ 1000 USD (Once-off):
      1. Business Registration
      2. Business Bank Account
      3. Website
    4. Life Insurance $ 1000 USD (Subject to Risk Profile Per Entrepreneur, Once-off)
  2. Recurring Costs Per Business $ 1000 USD (Per Month):
    1. Business Registration Maintenance
    2. Business Bank Account Maintenance
    3. Website Maintenance
  3. Recurring Costs Per Life Insured $ 1000 USD (Per Month, Subject to Risk Profile Per Entrepreneur)
  4. Development Offers:
    1. $ 10000 USD in Once-off Business Plan Services INVESTED by MicroGene for 5% share of the Business and 1 Paid Non-Executive Directorship
    2. $ 10000 USD in Once-off Development Training Services INVESTED by MicroGene for 5% share of the Business
  5. Disclosure:
    1. MicroGene Appointed Non-Executive Directors are the Beneficiaries of the Life Insurance Policies Per Entrepreneur
    2. MicroGene Appointed Non-Executive Directors pay MicroGene $ 10000 USD Per Year Per Non-Executive Directorship
    3. MicroGene Appointed Non-Executive Directors are never liable for the Debts of the Business or for the Debts of the Entrepreneurs
  6. Requirements (Per Entrepreneur):
    1. Entrepreneur’s South African ID
    2. Entrepreneur’s Details
    3. Entrepreneur’s Consent
    4. Entrepreneur’s Completion of Process Online

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