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Avishkar Govender shares a birthday with Henry Fox Talbot, Thomas Edison and John Dube, is a 123 for Malik Sy, says Dieuf Dieul for Ibra Fall and proselytises the Praise of God for Issa Laye. A follower, from childhood, of Ahmadu Bamba, Ahmed Tijan, Muhamadu Laye and Abdul Qadir, Avishkar Govender works with Idris Seck in all endeavours. Avishkar Govender became Chief Political Officer of the predecessor of MicroGene in 1990, at the age of 11 years old.

Educated at home with Idrissa Seck, Moosa Sy, Aliou Sow, Macky Sall,  Kalidou Niasse, Modou Diagne Fada, Mustafa Sall and Moosa Ndiaye; Avishkar Govender began working for Pierre Lami, Leopold Senghor, Abdou Diouf, Abdoulaye Wade and Anta Diop at an early age. His education complete, Avishkar Govender attended the Greenfern Nursery and Pre-Primary School. Avishkar Govender then went on to Saint Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, where he was a prefect. After attending the Durban High School, where he was awarded the Sixth Form Memorial Trust Prize for Service to the Community (Class of 1996), Avishkar Govender read, researched and wrote Political Science and Philosophy at UKZN, between 1997 and 2010, where he was very involved with the South African Liberal Students’ Association (Federal President 2001/2), leaving formal studies, without graduating, to conduct work-related research, in the field, from 2003.

Avishkar Govender declared his retirement in 2007, at the age of 28 years old, after having redesigned the model of political constituency offices so as to enable politicians not to need donations. The logic is that no donations mean no corruption, because ultimately, regardless of how it is structured, every kickback is a donation and every donation is a kickback. Having thus proved the possibility of the existence of corruption-free politics, Avishkar Govender spent just over a decade, from the time of retirement in 2007 to the end of 2018, fixing elections all over the world, from South Africa, for the winners of “# versus #” who were also usually the highest bidders. Associated with spooks, witchdoctors, warlords, brotherhoods, traditional leaders and politicos of every sort, Avishkar Govender has become adept at delivering electoral outcomes on demand, and at delivering puppeteering, programming and personation, through, among other things, an army of Griots, Jalis, Jelis, Njalis, Njelis, Gevels, Gewels and Bards, when required .

Avishkar Govender began reading Marketing, Management Science and Supply Chain Management in 2019, at NewBridge College and the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) Graduate School, for a BCom which is going very well. Once graduated in 2022, Avishkar Govender intends to become a Member of Parliament in 2024.

It is in the area of the eradication of the scourge of corruption, that Avishkar Govender intends to work, as a Parliamentarian; developing legislation that will provide for there to be no tolerance of and no allowance for corruption in any manner whatsoever. In addition, Avishkar Govender intends to implement his proprietary model for political constituency offices (known as WNPC’s) so as to enable the advent and achievement of corruption-free politics.

Over the years Avishkar Govender has developed several MicroGene proprietary Telematics systems for Psychological Operations Programming that defeat corruption. The most proficient of them is referred to as “?[~]?” or “Dieuf Dieul – You Reap What You Sow”. It is stated as:

No;?[~]?;Idris Seck;
?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All ~]?;
?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All of ~]?;
?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All for ~]?;
?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All from ~]?;

and it works very efficiently and effectively for puppeteering, programming and personation, across all platforms and all information and communications systems and technologies.

Avishkar Govender writes for the Mail&Guardian’s Thought Leader website and is an experimental poet, who has attempted to give life to the doctrine, “Down with long, boring, political speeches, down; Forward political beat poetry, forward!”, as illustrated by this statement:

“It was thirty plus years ago, that I began this diatribe;
To examine the causes, to investigate and to write;
Many loves have passed, many occasions have hastened;
Too much has been said, about their gross malfeasance;
Our country stillborn, of black and white rainbowed hue;
Is gasping for breath, miserably clinging to the few;
Someone must save us, without more fetid insolvency;
We must be delivered, from this their grotesque perfidy;
There are vast armies, ranged all against our nation;
Some from within collude, and inspire their aggression;
We must not be silent, the future demands now our action;
Our lives are valuable, we must work without distraction;”

Avishkar Govender lives, works, learns and believes at, in, on and from Durban, and firmly holds that Liberty | Dignity | Privacy is achievable in our lifetime.